Redi-Edge Ulu Knife Sharpener REULU

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The Redi-Edge ULU Knife Sharpener uses Redi-Edge Duromite cutters that are harder than any cutlery steel, which means you will get the perfect edge every time. Redi-Edge ULU Duromite cutter blades are available with a factory set inclusive angle of 30 degrees. The 30 degree inclusive angle maintains a consistent 15 degree double edge on your ULU knife.
Features military-grade aluminum construction for extreme durability, long life and lightweight
Factory set at a 30 degree inclusive angle, maintaining a consistent 15 degree double edge
Redi-Edge proprietary corrosion-resistant finish and a convenient honing surface on the back
Duromite sharpening elements are harder than any blade
Designed for curved knife