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Predator Tactics KillBone Po-Boys Double LED Light Kit Gn-Rd

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The KillBone Po-Boys Edition bow light is taking hunting lights to the next level with its superior versatility. If you are looking for a light kit that will not break the bank and will surely do more than get the job done then the KillBone is right for you! The simplicity of this kit is more than enough to help you increase your chances on the water and in the field. Including two LED colors, red and green, so you will be able to choose the right color for your hunting or bow fishing needs. Featuring a 5.75 inch matte black finish, this light is equipped with an adjustable focus, built in halo shield, and beam intensity control capabilities when paired with the Quiet Intensity Control On/Off Remote Switch and corresponding tail cap packs a punch out past 225 yards of target identification.
Rainproof and rechargeable
Interchangeable LED's
Mounts to stabilizer bushing on riser
Bow mount pressure switch tail cap
LEDs available for hogs, predators, bow fishing, tracking & everyday use