Polyform HTM Series HTM-4 White

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In keeping with the Polyform tradition of quality and value, the HTM (Hole-Through-Middle) fender was designed to provide maximum protection in a wide variety of applications. The center tube allows the user to change the position of the fender at a moments notice from vertical to horizontal.
The classic center tube design allows for hanging vertically and horizontally. Reinforced tube ends and ribs add strength and durability
HTM-4 fenders are recommended for boats between 40 and 50 ft. on length.
Designed for medium duty use in both permanent protected and unprotected moorings.
HTM-4 boat fenders measure 13.5 in. diameter and 34.8 in. tall, with a tube diameter of .625 in.
This fender ships as a single unit, pre-inflated, with a Polyform inflation valve to adjust pressure