Nemesis Titanium Ti-Card with Bottle Opener

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Slightly thicker than a credit card, the Nemesis Knives Ti-Card with Bottle Opener is made from a strong, lightweight titanium alloy. The brightly anodized finish and laser etched artwork show the quality and attention to detail consumers expect from us. Dimensions: 1.63 in. edge, 3.25 in length, 2.06 in. in width and 0.043 in. thickness. Weighs a mere .70 oz. (19.9g). This is the "last ditch tool you will always have with you.". Provides an incredibly sharp edge for emergency use or occasional use, the Ti-Card should not affect the magnetic information strips on nearby credit cards. Slightly reduced dimensions minimize risk of wallet damage.
Non magnetic construction
One corner is sharpened for on spot cutting tasks
Incredibly sharp edge
Made out of 6AL-4V anodized titanium
Straight edge with bottle opener and finger groove