Muddy Stronghold 1.5 Foot Ladder Treestand

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The Muddy 21 foot Stronghold 1.5 Ladderstand is a full man-and-a-half stand, and offers heavy-duty oval tubing construction while ensuring outstanding stability. Comes equipped with a one-inch padded adjustable shooting rail with the ability to be flipped back for an open shooting lane. Packed with orange nylon washers, spacers, and caps for ultimate silence and no metal on metal contact. The mounting system includes one one-inch heavy-duty ratchet strap, two one-inch stabilizer straps and an adjustable support bar. Weighing in at 71 lbs., the Stronghold 1.5 has a weight limit of 300 lbs. Included is one TMA-Certified full body harness.
Foot Platform: 27in wide by 14in deep - Seat size: 26in wide x 18in deep x 24in tall
Stand height: 21ft Stand Weight: 71 lbs.
Flip back footrest and flip back shooting rail
Quiet padded shooting rest
Extra large lumbar style seat for all day comfort
DXT oval tubing is strong, sturdy and easy to grip
Silencer technology throughout the stand, no metal on metal contact