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Lynch Mob Calls Honker Hanger Mossy Oak Bottomlands

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The Honker Hanger by Lynch Mob Calls is new for 2018. The call comes in Mossy Oak Bottomlands and has a larger bore barrel for a bigger goose sound. The call has great range and ease of use for callers of all skill levels. The call is designed to have a more mid-tone to deep-goose. The barrel is engineered to use less air and deliver a fuller and hollow sound. If you want to Hang 'Em Low - hang em' with the Honker Hanger.
Color: Mossy Oak Bottomlands
Injection molded acrylic big goose call
Advanced Materials to Deliver a crisp, clear tone.
Ergonomic design for perect hand placement & tighter mouth feel
If you want to Hang ���Em Low ��� hang ���em with the Honker Hanger