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Luna Optics 100mm (4x) Elite Magnifying Lens

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Luna Optics 100mm (4x) Elite Magnifying Lens is a high magnification lens that incorporates the latest technologies in night vision optics and turns your palm sized monocular or bi-ocular goggles into a high quality, long distance observation system with absolute minimal light loss. Featuring multi elements, all glass lenses with multiple levels of proprietary coating, which aids in faster light transmission, the LN-L100 is precisely calculated to work best with Luna Optics elite performance models. Built from aluminum, the lens barrels are secure, sturdy, resist nature elements and match exteriors of Luna's night vision models for seamless look and feel. Attaching the lens is a quick and easy process and once attached, the lenses provide full field of view and unmatched image clarity unlike "doubler" or "tripler" systems that attach over the standard 1x lens, greatly reducting the visible field of view and adversely affecting the image brightness.
Turns your compact night vision device into a powerful, long range observation system
All glass, multi element, multicoated optics with super fast light transmission
Designed specifically for use with Gen 2+ products
Quickly replaces the original 1x objective lens
Provides 4x image magnification without much visible light loss