Ka-Bar U.S. Army Laser Engraved 120th Commemorative Knife

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Ka-Bar U.S. Army 120th Anniversary Commemorative Fighting/Utility Knife has a 7 blade and measures 11.875 overall. The Commemorative Knife is made in the USA. Engraved logo features the historical The Union logo from the early 1900s, a bear, and the years marking 120 years 1898 and 2018. The significance of the bear is in the KA-BAR name itself. An Alaskan hunter was attacked by a Kodiak bear, but successfully defended himself using his Union Cutlery knife. The hunter was so thankful that he sent a letter describing the ordeal with K a Bar (Kill a Bear) as well as sending in the bear fur. The officers of Union Cutlery decided to adopt KA-BAR as a trademark in 1924. Offers a blade width of 1.188, bulk weight of 0.70 lb., a handle constructed of leather, and a blade constructed of 1095-Cro-Van. The blade has a thickness of 0.165 and a flat grind.
7��� blade and measures 11.875��� overall
Blade width: 1.188���
Bulk weight of 0.70 lb.
Handle constructed of leather
Blade constructed of 1095-Cro-Van steel
Blade thickness of 0.165��� and flat grind