HME Bag Target Stand

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HME is the first and only company in the industry to offer a stand that universally and effectively holds most bag targets available on the market today. Its heavy duty square tubing design securely holds the bag target and the stabilizer pin prevents the bag from swinging when the arrow hits the target. The hanger brackets glide across the tubing enabling the user to adjust the width according to their bag size. Hanger bracket attaches to the bag with a carabiner hook allowing the user to easily remove the bag if needed. The raised leg design will allow the user to place on uneven ground. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Fits bag targets up to 30in wide and 30in tall. Durable olive powder coat finish.
Fits bag targets up to 30in wide and 30in tall
Raised leg design to be able to place on uneven ground
Carabineer clips attach to grommets in target
Great for indoor or outdoor use