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H&N Hunting-Sampler Packs .22 cal. (5 types)

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Find the perfect pellet. Find the pellets that make it hum with this H&N Hunting Pellet Sampler Pack. Sampler Pack includes a variety of hard-hitting H&N pellets that make quick work of small game, varmints, and more. H&N .22 Caliber Hunting Pellet Sampler Pack Features: 30 Crow Magnum pellets; 35 Silver Point pellets; 30 Baracuda Power (copper-plated) pellets; 30 Baracuda Hunter pellets; 30 Baracuda Green pellets; Includes 155 total pellets; Resalable tube for no-spill storage and transport.
Content: 155 air gun pellets
Includes Silver Point, Crow Magnum, Baracuda Power, Baracuda Hunter Extreme, Field Target Trophy, and Field Target Trophy Green
Pellet Caliber/Weight .22 / 9.26 - 21.66 Grains
For air pistols / rifles with a minimum muzzle energy of 18.5 ft. lbs.
Excellent for hunting