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H&N Field Target-Sampler Pack .177 cal. (6 types)

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Sampler pack of Field Target Trophy and Baracuda Match in 3 head sizes each - 4.50, 4.51, and 4.52mm. If you prize accuracy over anything else, you'll appreciate the consistent quality of H&N air gun pellets. Get two of the most useful and accurate domed pellets made today by one of the top pellet makers in the world. Some air guns prefer larger pellet heads, and this H&N sampler pack lets you determine which your air gun prefers and which delivers the best accuracy.
Pellet Caliber/Weight: .177 / 8.64 - 10.65 Grains
Includes Baracuda Hunter, Crow Magnum, Baracuda Power, Silver Point, and Baracuda Green
Content: 240 air gun pellets
For air pistols / rifles with a minimum muzzle energy of 5.5 ft. lbs.
Excellent for field targets / Match grade quality