Dexter-Russell 7in UR-Cut Flexible Fillet Knife Mold Handel

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The Dexter UC133-7 7in UR-CutFlexible Fillet Knife makes filleting and skinning your fillets easy. It's ultra-sharp out of the package and with just the right amount of flex to glide over the bones. Dexter Outdoors provides the latest in handle technology... personalized handles. Moldable handle material allows the user to form each handle to their particular grip, making the handle more comfortable to use and easier to grip. It features Dexters proprietary high carbon, high alloy, stain free DEXSTEEL. This knife is NSF certified. Sheath included.
Makes filleting and skinning easy
Proprietary DEXSTEEL, high carbon, high alloy stain-free blade
7in Narrow blade with just the right amount of flex
UR-Cut Custom moldable handle makes your knife ergonomically perfect, slip free and comfortable to use
Knife is NSF certified
Includes a sheath