Camillus SLOT 6.75 inch Folding Knife 2.75 in Blade - Black

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Camillus Slot Carbonitride Titanium Folding Knife features a 2.75inch blade, with Aus-8 stainless steel. Carbonitride Titanium Proprietary Surface Treatment offers enhanced edge retention, better protection from corrosion, chipping or flaking and is 10X stronger than untreated steel. The 4 inch glass-filled handle is very strong and rigid. Slot offers a dual stainless steel bearing system for smooth one-hand deployment with the flipper or thumb hole.
Carbonitride titanium protects the blade surface against wear, staining or damage
Quick launch dual bearing system offers one-hand deployment using flipper or thumb hole
Overall length 6.75 inch with 2.75 inch blade
Pocket clip for easy carry
Glass filled nylon handle for strength